King Bedrooms

King Bedrooms (Upstairs)

1 person   $135

2 persons  $155

3 persons  $175

Both King Rooms have an additional sleeping option for a third person.

Select your Favorite:


Our equestrian themed room has a king size bed and a small fold out Futon Couch,

accommodating  2 adults and 1 child in full comfort. This room is naturally dark, and

does not feature morning sunrise, or afternoon sunset in case you want to go to bed early

or sleep late. Exquisite equestrian items of

interest, including statues, ribbons, photo books, and real saddles.




Floral Abundance

Floral Abundance is one of our more popular rooms because it is so refreshing and bright.

It is a corner room with four windows, on the Sunrise side of the building – it is very light

and airy. It is filled with live plants and pictures of floral delights.