Friends of the Chef

Friends of the Chef is a private dining club, with an annual membership of only $1. As a member, you are eligible to take part in our exclusive and fabulous dining experiences.
Reserve seating for your own event or attend one of our extravaganzas. Come join us for our next delicious event.  We send emails to Friends of the Chef members letting you know of upcoming events, along with details and menus.
In joining Friends of the Chef, you will become a part of Marilyn’s passionate worlds which co-mingle foods and friendship – creating lasting memories. Her gourmet meals are provided as a prix fixe (fixed price) dinner and each is unique. They are invented for just the right mix of exquisite taste, beautiful color,  and fabulous texture.
We also customize our gourmet meals for vegetarians and vegans, and any food allergies you might have.
Seating can be for 1 to 60 people!  We are available for breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon parties, and dinner, featuring fresh seasonal local ingredients and the culinary joys of Chef Marilyn Doheny and exciting visiting chefs.  Our dining club provides delightful meals; we are available for any social gathering and every festive celebration for friend, family, or business. Call ahead so we can create a delightful meal just for you.
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