Extensive common areas available for entertaining, relaxing, and socializing include the lobby, dining room, game room, and bar. Outside amenities include our lavish covered porch, terraced gardens with pond and goldfish, and a large rock fireplace.

Special dietary needs and preferences are gladly met with advanced notification. Name of guest, phone number, and details of dietary considerations must be provided upon reservation prior to check in, so that we are prepared to serve you properly.

Breakfast is available for all overnight guests to fit your schedule between 5 a.m. and 11 a.m. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate or other seasonal beverages are available 6:30 a.m. till 9 at night.

Relaxation Included

Additional guest amenities are all free:  relaxing and quality down time, reading for fun, bird watching all of our local feathered friends, and solo meditation.

There is a long, terraced outdoor garden with a small pond you can visit and enjoy; it is not wheelchair accessible.

We have an old-fashioned, friendliness-promoting, ample, open front porch that quickly becomes the gathering place for all guests. Come sit, visit, or just watch the beautiful natural world we have here in Tryon.

The building is wired for Wi-Fi for all guests and there is no charge.

Ample guest parking is included at no extra charge.

Pet Policy

Pets are welcome at the Melrose Inn! There is only a small $10 fee per pet per night to accommodate your furry companion. We are across the street from one lovely city park, just down from another, and Melrose Avenue is a popular pet walking area of town so you and your pet can enjoy the natural ambiance of the local area on your walks. Simply let us know when you make your reservation how many pets you will be bringing.


Due to the fact that the inn is designed for relaxation and down time, broadcast television isn’t available. We have a good library of books, movies galore, beautiful small town streets to walk, restaurants and entertainment within just minutes of the inn, and the goal is to make the Melrose Inn your quiet, relaxing haven in a hectic world.

No Smoking Policy

Our facility is 100% smoke free. No smoking is allowed on the premises or the property, even the porch or the gardens. Guests and their friends who would like to smoke are encouraged to visit either of two wonderful outdoor public parks located literally just a few feet away from the inn.