Marilyn’s Melrose Inn Bed and Breakfast is in historic Tryon, NC. Located in the beautiful foothills of the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina, Tryon and the surrounding areas offer many activities and sites to visit. Tryon is within about an hour’s drive of Asheville, Charlotte and Greenville (SC).

There is every possible activity within a few miles- many amazing golf courses, several lakes and rivers for fishing, boating, water skiing, kayaking, and canoeing. Throughout the year our area has hikes, wine tastings, heritage craft shows, floral garden tours, and equestrian activities.

Tryon itself has many unique events—a weekend devoted to children, an outhouse race with an Easter Bonnet Contest, and the most amazing BBQ event–the Blue Ridge Barbecue Festival, which is the North Carolina state BBQ contest! You will experience real, melt in your mouth barbecue! 

Downtown Tryon, as well as numerous churches, are a short walk from the Inn. There are delightful shops and restaurants, even a hardware store worth seeing; it’s a page out of history and owned by the same family for many generations (ask to hear the train whistle–you will be amazed).  Everyone you meet in Tryon is relaxed and friendly – you will never want to leave.

To understand the warm reception Marilyn received when she arrived in Tryon, read this: Letter to the editor

To reach us from I-26 West coming from South Carolina:

Take the Landrum, SC exit. Turn left off the exit. Continue through downtown Landrum. Cross the railroad tracks and turn right at that light.  Travel approximately 4 miles into Tryon. At the first stop light, turn left onto Pacolet Street. At the stop sign, turn left onto Melrose Avenue. We’re 50 feet down on your right.

To get to us from I-26 East coming from Asheville, take the Columbus exit and turn right out of the traffic circle. Travel about 5 miles until you enter downtown Tryon. At the 4th stop light, you’ll see Tryon’s mascot – a huge wooden horse named Morris. Turn right onto Pacolet Street.  At the stop sign, turn left onto Melrose Avenue. We’re 50 feet down on your right.

GPS users:  The next to the last instruction your GPS will give you is to “Turn left onto Chestnut Street.” Don’t do it! Just keep following Pacolet Street until you come to a stop sign at the intersection of Pacolet and Melrose Avenue. Turn left, and we’re 50 feet down on your right.

About the Owner

Marilyn Doheny is a self-made, internationally famous Contemporary Quilt Artist. She is a published author, having written over 40 books and patterns. Along with her specialty rulers, the 45 Degree Kaleidoscope Wedge and her 9 Degree Circle Wedge Rulers, she has transformed the world of quilting.

Marilyn’s products sell worldwide, inspiring everyone with their ease of use and their unique visual drama. Marilyn also lectures for quilting conferences and guilds, sharing her enthusiastic approach to life as a quilter. She is an infectious communicator and physical dynamo. When sharing time in her company, you will be challenged, delighted, and inspired to achieve new heights with your own quilting and personal endeavors.

Marilyn is both a fabric person and a people person. She is enchanted and delighted to play with color and geometry, designing patterns and inspiring others with their appeal. She calls her mind “the night crew” as the designs just come to her in the night! Then during waking hours, she invents streamlined techniques which every skill level can easily use. They are “silly simple” enough for anyone to follow so that everyone can make her designs easily. The breadth of her work is amazing and the look of her innovative patterns has become her internationally recognized signature.

She assures success for everyone who takes her classes or buys her quality books, patterns, and rulers. It is Marilyn’s daily delight to receive letters and e-mails showing photos of proud quilters from around the world standing beside their quilts, beaming with joy, and quite often showing off an award winning ribbon!

Marilyn was born and raised in Long Beach California and moved to Seattle Washington with her high school sweetheart as a young bride of 18. While in Seattle, she became a quilter and the proud mother of three children. She began quilting in 1980, when the first of her three children was born. Her first and only quilting class was eight weeks long and involved making one pinwheel pot holder. She actually never finished that potholder and before the end of her eight week class, where the potholder would have been sandwiched, hand quilted, and then bound, Marilyn was employed at a fabric store teaching quilting herself. She was a dynamo at an early age!

Her most recent endeavor, undertaken in January 2010, is very exciting and involves a lifelong dream. Marilyn purchased an old historic inn built in 1889. It is situated in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. It is now Marilyn’s Melrose Inn and Artist Retreat Center. She intends to multiple herself by teaching professional quilters, shop owners, and teachers, and to have fun. She will have retreats for non-professionals too! Productivity and fun will be the theme of each session. Everyone will go home with significant work accomplished and enough excitement to light up their lives!

Flourishing, appreciation, joy, creativity, empowerment and thriving are real experiences in Marilyn’s daily life and for anyone in her company. If you know her, you will agree; if you do not yet know her, make it a priority!

For more information about her innovative products, her dynamic classes, her inspiring lectures, or her week long productive, rewarding, transformative retreats visit our website at www.dohenybooks.com. For more information regarding her week long quilt retreats click here.

Marilyn’s motto is simple, yet profound:  If you’re not having fun, then you’re not doing it right!