Spring is in full bloom in our new courtyard.

Hello Dear Friends,

I am excited about new developments and improvements at Melrose Inn…..Having conquered extensive indoor beautification projects in the last 7 ½ years I am thrilled to tame and transform the landscape…All the current activity involves taming and grooming numerous outdoor “spaces”.

These newest endeavors have been envisioned for a long while. They required backhoes, front loaders, trucks full of rocks, sand, soil and cement!!! Not to mention crates after crate of beautiful paving stones…

Melrose Inn courtyard and side (driveway) are all being transformed.  Abundant socializing “garden rooms” are being crafted. Numerous perennial plants and bulbs have been purchased.

Among the additions are two outdoor gazebos for reading and relaxing…1 gas fire pit feature…. A HOT TUB (for guests) and a resting space near the waterfall and koi pond with small meditation garden. Numerous swings, benches, and chairs…. around the landscape, inviting guest/friends to sit and take pause.

The driveway has been torn up, removed and replaced with smooth blemish free cement for easy walking. The courtyard staircase was replaced – The new one is very wide and sturdy…amen!

A small “darn cute”, tiny garden bathroom was created, a must see. It is right near 1 of 2 wrought iron bed frames…that have been filled with soil and planted, creating – are you ready –  Flower Beds!

Did I mention my chickens??? How about, the “chicken hutch” featuring 38 windchimes and a “clever” nesting shelf?  These chickens are my pets….and provide entertainment to the hilt.  I know that if I want to de-stress or just relax, I can watch chickens – being themselves…. a guaranteed, instant attitude adjustment.

Drop by anytime to see the work in progress and the chickens.  You can take a self-guided tour or find me within the inn and I’ll show you around.  Better yet, make reservations for Mother’s Day Brunch and view the progress then! Bring champagne or have a coffee sitting and relaxing in one of many “garden rooms”.

I hope to see you soon.