Music and Food Every Monday!

REMEMBER Brown Anderson – singer and songwriter…A local fellow who has performed at Melrose Inn in the past for our Tuesday Night Dinners….. He  is sharing his music “once again” on the front porch of Melrose Inn…new songs and familiar ones from yester years.

He will repeat some of our favorites for sure – however he has written numerous new songs as well….and they are great

I invite you to join us – 5:30 – 6 arrival, SINGING STARTS AT 6:00. Expect to stay as long as desired…Brown will sing until 9:00.

This will be a long anticipated reunion,   bring any friends desired!

Also bring your favorite beer and or wine for your enjoyment. Marilyn will have glasses and ice!

Also, bring A food ITEM to share – ANYTHING GOES – appetizer, salad, finger food, bread, cheese, meatballs, chips and dip, dessert, WHATEVER YOU WANT TO SHARE (enough for 8). Marilyn will have plates, utensils and napkins plus extra assorted foods.

Marilyn will have Tiki torches lit and filled with Citronellas oil…to ward off “critters who bite” plus create a beautiful flicker of light!  If desired, due to bugs or weather – Brown will gladly move the party indoors.

I am happy to anticipate seeing each of you and enjoying Brown’s Playing and singing!

He describes his style as Vibrant – Folk Rock with Country Influence. I say –  SPOT-ON!