It’s Spring and There is Never a Dull Moment at The Melrose Inn!

It’s Spring and There is Never a Dull Moment at The Melrose Inn!

March (my birth month) is here and Spring is assured at last. Abundant birds, buds, and blooms are
appearing in my gardens around the Melrose – I love these reminders of renewal. On the other hand,
I can hardly believe that February is already past. It seems that 2016 is going even faster than

There are meals, social fun, and numerous celebrations on the way: I am delighted to announce
several noteworthy meals for you in March. And a “heads up,” for one special annual event to put on
your calendar for April 30th. (I am giving you advance notice for the April Event because we always
sell out – please reserve early!) There will be a package deal including a lovely, romantic
overnight stay for two including the April 30th dinner as well:

  • St. Patrick’s Day Dinner – Thursday, March 17th
  • Easter Brunch – Easter Sunday, March 27th
  • PLUS a 5-course Artisan Beer Fest to put on your calendar for Saturday, April 30th

For our St. Patrick’s Day Dinner on March 17th expect the expected and then some. For entrées, you
will select from either corned beef, cabbage, carrots, and potatoes or a delicate broiled seafood
with lovely sides. The complete and enticing, exciting menu will be decided soon and sent out for
you to view!

Join us at the Melrose Inn for an Easter Brunch on March 27th with seating from 8:00 a.m. – 2:00
p.m. There will be three different main course delights – to be announced. As always, your brunch
will start with coffee, tea, and juice. And please bring Champagne if desired. Then you will enjoy
a starter of assorted fresh fruits, Greek yogurt topped with Crème Fraîche, and a basket of
homemade breads and muffins with Maple Cream and Marmalade Butter. There will be a Seafood Crêpe, a Vegetable Quiche with Bacon, and a Hearty Egg Scramble with Ham and Cinnamon French Toast!

For our annual Beer Extravaganza on April 30th, I will prepare an amazing, hearty 5- course dinner.
Each course will feature a selection of custom “homemade” Artisan beers to sample. The “beer
crafters” themselves are sharing their creations with you! It will be a very fun, robust event you
are sure to enjoy, so bring your adventuresome spirit and appetite!

I look forward to seeing you this vibrant and much anticipated spring!

Marilyn Doheny
Owner & Chef
Marilyn’s Historic Melrose Inn