Exciting New Local Workshop – Quilting with Marilyn!


Quilting with Marilyn – 6 sessions

with Marilyn Doheny

Her clever and inspiring methods featuring the 9 Degree Circle Wedge Rulers will produce over 20 + diverse wedge designs. These wedges can create fans or circles…as desired. Each student will make numerous fan-shaped images per class using different techniques, from session to session. Student work will feature vastly different designs with individual classes focusing on a la carte techniques.

Students may take individual sessions for specific techniques or the full series for a complete spectrum of skill building, (highly suggested). By taking the entire series, each student will produce 15 -25 unique fans, and no students’s work will be alike! BONUS OFFER – Every student registering for the entire series will be given a free, all-day session with Marilyn, incorporating their fan designs!

Saturday, January 23, noon-4pm – Session 1

Saturday, January 30, noon-4pm – Session 2

Saturday,. February 6, noon-4pm – Session 3

Saturday, February 13, noon-4pm – Session 4

Saturday, February 22, noon-4pm – Session 5

Saturday, February 27, noon-4pm – Session 6

$45/members    $75/non-members

For details on what will be covered each session, materials needed, and discounts available, please check out http://tryonartsandcrafts.org/product-category/workshops.