Our Christmas Plans and Wishes

Friends Of The Chef

December 21, 2015


Oh my goodness – are you asking yourselves the same question I am: “Where did this entire year 2015 go?” The recently stunning sunny weather certainly has me turned around. I find myself anticipating Spring and we have not even passed the winter white of February…let alone holiday meals and activities which will burst upon the scene in less than six days!

My bird feeders are a frenzy of very attractive feathered friends fighting for seeds while I have been pouring over my gourmet cook books for two weeks, planning delightful meals for you. As I write this, it will be Christmas Eve in three days. Seems just a few days ago that I emerged from Thanksgiving.

Note: for those of you who were here for Thanksgiving, my kitchen is still undergoing oven repairs from problems occurring on Thanksgiving Day. Because of this, I have created menus that avoid my large ovens in case the repair issues prolong themselves.

NEW DECISION – It is now three days until Christmas Eve and because the Christmas Eve Dinner menu did not get posted in time…I have decided not to have a Christmas Eve Dinner this year – there is no menu attached as there would normally be.

I am preparing a lovely Christmas Day Breakfast/Brunch for my B&B guests. If you would like to join us, please call to reserve your place. Pre-select your preferred entrée, the menu is below this posting! As always any dietary needs or desires can be accommodated, just let me know when reserving.

For those of you who have traveled away from Tryon at this time – I wish you Happy Holidays with family and friends. I am going to pretend that you are having warm sunny weather and thinking of me.

For those of you staying in Tryon, I hope our paths cross over the next few weeks – sharing delicious foods, fabulous wine, and wonderful events.

My prayers and blessings to all of you and yours.

Marilyn Doheny

Owner & Chef

Marilyn’s Historic Melrose Inn

55 Melrose Avenue, Tryon, NC 28782 1 (828) 850-0234; info@melrose-inn.com