2016 — Looking Ahead to the New Year!

Looking Ahead to 2016

Here we are, entering the final days of 2015. As one year passes into another, I always ponder many hopes, dreams, and desires. Hopefully we will each take a few moments to find peace and inspiration as we reflect over our individual hopes and visions and dreams for 2015 compared to the realities the year brought forth.

I make it a goal to find a peaceful appreciation for the way it all went, instead of how I wanted it to transpire. For myself, 2015 was active, challenging, expensive, full of changes, fast – indeed a blur – as I write this!

I am more inclined and attracted to ponder the possibilities for 2016. My unaccomplished 2015 goals will become part of my 2016 list. They are decidedly behind schedule, thus they will be on the front burner!

Drop by the Inn to socialize and I’ll share my “Happy List” for 2016 with you! In it I am looking forward to accomplishing my complete list for 2016: improvements, additions, and changes for the Inn, and for balancing my life.

In the meantime – Consider treating yourself, friends, and loved ones to a delightful meal at The Melrose Inn. I’ll purchase the foods you want, prepare them just the way you like them, and clean it all up afterwards – You, friends, and family will simply enjoy!

There are two first-of-the-year gourmet opportunities for 2016:

New Year’s Eve Dinner, with menu attached and New Year’s Day Brunch, with menu attached

I am taking more time to enjoy events and friends in 2016 – I look forward to the times our paths cross in 2016. Have a wonderful 2016!

Marilyn Doheny

Owner & Chef

The Melrose Inn

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