2014 Retreat Schedule

Dear Quilters,

I am thrilled to offer exciting days for my “Over The Top” week long quilting retreats in 2014! I am trying to get as many days as I have interested quilters, since I can only handle 10 at a time. If you have a particular date that you or your guild or your friends would like, please let me know; I will be glad to please as many quilters as possible!

The remaining schedule for 2014 is:

August 7-14 – Spectacular Fan Sampler and Instant Garden-Just Have Fun

September 3-10

October no retreats

November 5-12 – Spectacular Fan Sampler

December no retreats

I want maximum time with everyone and maximum space for everyone to create abundantly – decadently! I also highly value leisurely meals and opportunities for sharing with one another to enrich our experiences. I want each retreat to be the most memorable quilting event you will ever have!

I have made another exciting decision to enhance all of the retreats for 2014.

I am offering every one of my magnificent 9 Degree Circle Wedge Ruler classes, at the same time! Every student will make every possible wedge design, creating 15-22 different fans. Then each student will use their fans as desired, with my assistance, guidance, and direction; everyone will customize their retreat to meet their individual preferences!

The supply list is the same for creating the assorted fans…the supply lists get more detailed when you decide how you prefer to use the fans, as a collage, or flowers, or butterflies, or critters! It is not necessary to choose between Spectacular Fan Sampler, Instant Garden – Just Add Fabric, or Critters! You can use your fans to do anything you prefer or even all three topics!

If you have any questions – and you will – feel free to contact me at marilynquilter@earthlink.netPLEASE PUT – URGENT STUDENT QUESTIONS – IN THE SUBJECT LINE

Ready to register?  Click here.

And remember this quote, “If you are not having fun, then you are not doing it right!”

Marilyn Doheny