Quilt Retreats 2014

Dear Quilters,

I am thrilled to offer exciting days for my “Over The Top” week long quilting retreats in 2014! I am trying to get as many days as I have interested quilters, since I can only handle 10 at a time. If you have a particular date or subject that you or your guild or your friends would like, please let me know; I will be glad to please as many quilters as possible! These classes start out with the Spectacular Fan Sampler that teaches the basics and more.

The dates for these exciting remaining classes for 2014 are:

October no retreats

November 5-12

December no retreats

I want maximum time with everyone and maximum space for everyone to create abundantly – decadently! I also highly value leisurely meals and opportunities for sharing with one another to enrich our experiences. I want each retreat to be the most memorable quilting event you will ever have!

I have made another exciting decision to enhance all of the retreats for 2014.

I am going to offer the 9 degree circle wedges classes collectively–meaning you can select which one of the three identified, for your focused use of the tools. Then you will get that supply list only:

Spectacular Fan Sampler *** Instant Garden-Just Add Fabric *** Spirals Galore

The supply lists get more detailed when you decide how you prefer to use the fans, as a collage, or flowers, or butterflies, or critters!

The week long retreat is also decadent. If you fly in, you will be picked up at the airport. Every student has a private room and bath unless they wish to economize and share. All bedrooms have high ceilings and are uniquely themed – no two rooms are alike. Look on line (www.melrose-inn.com) for themes and photos.

You will be served 3 gourmet meals a day – with plenty of time for leisurely socializing during meals. Coffee, tea, soda, chocolate, wine, and beer are available any time desired –all inclusive!

Students each have their own space, including a large table to cut and sew on with plenty of light and abundant irons. Machines can be borrowed if you do not want to bring your own.

The total environment of her amazing retreat center, Marilyn’s Historic Melrose Inn, is very unique and intimate! It was built in 1889–125 years ago. Class sizes are limited and each student is assured of individual attention every day in this wonderland of creativity and quilting.

In addition, there is an evening program presented 3 of the 7 nights, featuring some aspect of “creativity” in our lives. These evenings are optional, yet also enriching and fun!

The supply list for each class is significantly different. The supply list is provided upon registration and payment of deposit. The supply for every class is two-parts:

1.  Indicates the types of fabrics needed and the quantity of yardage for the fans. Also background and boarders for specific projects.

2.  There is also an “at home” prep sheet of information. This involves pre-sewing and or pre-cutting of fabrics, which must be done prior to arrival – ensuring that the retreat time will be highly productive, and maximizing the learning value for each student.

The following four (4) class topics all use the 9 Degree Circle Wedge Ruler(s). The diverse use of these rulers is amazing. Every technique cannot be learned in 7 days. Individual classes have been designed to provide a full spectrum of learning and skill building. Note:  Rulers may be borrowed in class.

Two of the classes, Spectacular Fan Sampler and Instant garden – Just Add Fabric, are taught during the same week. Students essentially make the same wedge designs in the first 4-5 days. The last 2-3 days of the retreat time, students use their fans in distinctly different ways.  Students must select which topic they prefer to focus on because a different supply list and prep sheet is provided, for each.  In order to actually make as many wedge designs as possible, we create fans, not full circles! The use of the fans, once they are created is mind bogglingly “infinite”! No students’ fans or final projects ever look alike.

BRING YOUR CAMERAS! A brief description of each 9 Degree class follows.

Spectacular Fan Sampler

Students use all 5 sizes of the 9 Degree Circle Wedge Rulers and over the course of 5 days, make 9 different fans featuring the different wedge styles! These fans are then  arranged into different “sets,” creating enticing and lyrical compositions. There will be enough fans to make as many as 3 – 5 different quilt projects. These projects can become anything desired:  bed, lap or wall sized quilts, garments, decorations, table toppers, tree skirts, or pillows. The final 2 days of the retreat, students “elevate” and enhance each of the fans; inventing, designing, and creating unique (edge and base) finishing elements.

These elements dramatically accent and individualize each fan in the collage “set.”

Instant Garden – Just Add Fabric!

Students will use up to miniature trio of small 9 Degree Circle Wedge Rulers. Over the course of 4 days, and make 11 – 14 different fans featuring distinctly different wedge styles and variations! These fans will then be used to create garden elements. Each fan will become a butterfly, dragonfly, caterpillar, snail, bumble bee, bird, or amazing flower. Students can make as many as 3 – 5 different quilt projects or 1 king sized garden of delights! The final 3 days of the retreat, students will invent, design and create numerous “finishing” garden elements. For the butterflies, bugs, birds, and critters we will plan and make body parts; the flowers also need flower parts!  And then everyone makes amazing foliage – to create a lush, interactive garden!

Spiral Galore!

Spirals are visually powerful, captivating, soothing, and dramatic. They are human elements of survival and evoke vitality and life; the motion of the wind, water, and planets.  Spirals are also “silly simple” to make. Beginners will have no challenge, because there are no seams to match! All 5 sizes of the 9 degree Circle Wedge Rulers can be used – students will make their spirals any size desired, while learning each of the individual techniques. Everyone will make 8 different spirals. Students creatively decide the use of their spiral, after making them. Some spirals will want to stand alone “elegant and breathtaking!” Other spirals will want to collage together or become flowers, buds, and birds. Some will twist and turn into meandering paths or align and interlock making a mesmerizing infinity (figure 8) shapes. There are endless possibilities!

Off The Cart – Threesome!

This retreat features 3 new and innovative designs. The class projects are titled:

1.  Inside Out – What Fun!

2.  We will use the 18” Circle Wedge ruler and learn to incorporate 3 elements of design. The illusion of fabric values/colors to create depth, the 9 Degree Circle Wedge Rulers ability to create infinity (figure 8) set and the mesmerizing visual quality of “equal opposite wedges”. You will win an award at your next quilt show with this quilt.

3.  Spirographic Spirals

4.  Beyond Belief fabric movement!  Students will use Marilyn’s Spiral Graph Paper and design several spirographic circles, selecting their favorite, and then select the fabrics to play each part of the spiral. Students will each make 2 very different full circle spiro-graphs, with every fabric in the circle moving independently, to its own rhythm. Blues go one way – greens another. Yellows are independent of green, pink, lavender, black, and white. EVERY FABRIC MAKES ITS OWN VISUAL DISPLAY – NONE OF THEM ARE DANCING THE SAME DANCE! Students will use the 25” ruler.

5.  Tango!

This is a stunning “slinky,” very contemporary, eye catching quilt design. It incorporates 2 powerful design elements. Scalloped fans at each end of flowing Bargello styled movement. There are assorted Bargello techniques to select from, each featuring different, dynamic variations. After viewing samples, students select their favorite to use.


I am also going to offer two additional and different subjects every year! They will be any of the following – as I decide/select year to year:

Strata Art Quilts – for contemporary eyes only!

Quilts of Illusion

Dramatic Quilts – clever techniques

Abstract Images, Anyway You Slice Them

Bargello Magic – Basic and Advanced Techniques

If you have any questions – and you will – feel free to contact me at marilynquilter@earthlink.netPLEASE PUT – URGENT STUDENT QUESTIONS – IN THE SUBJECT LINE

Ready to register?  Click Here.

And remember this quote, “If you are not having fun, then you are not doing it right!”

Marilyn Doheny